North Coast Integrated College is co-educational and all-ability in nature.

It is Christian incharacter but welcomes students from all backgrounds.

Our Aims are:

- to pursue the highest academic standards by offering a broad and innovative curriculum allowing students to experience success, with a balance between academic, creative, sporting and vocational development,

- to provide opportunities for children from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds to value their own traditions and to develop knowledge, respect, understanding and appreciation of their common culture,

- to create a positive moral environment based on tolerance,openness and fairness, to enable students to develop a high standard of moral reasoning,

- to adopt a ‘child-centred’ approach to learning and teaching, treating children as individuals and developing their self-esteem,

- to ensure that all pupils are equally cherished, nurtured and respected,

- to operate an effective pastoral policy based on clear procedures and open communication,

- to foster positive relationships between staff and parents,and the wider college community.

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North Coast Integrated College
21 Cloyfin Road
Co Derry
BT52 2NU

Tel: 028 7032 9026
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